“And he cometh to the house of the ruler of the synagogue and seeth the tumult, and then that wept and waited greatly.” (Mk 5:38)

Jairus and Jesus, along with Peter, James and John finally reached Jairus’ home. But the battle wasn’t over yet for Jairus. Jesus was finally here but his daughter was dead. That news of her death probably echoed in his mind as he took each step toward the front door. “How could this have happened? Is it possible… how can my little girl really be gone? Is this really happening to me? This has to be a dream. And what a reception he found waiting for him when he arrived. A crowd of neighbours, friends and family members had gathered and were all weeping and crying uncontrollably. A feeling of hopelessness filled the air when Jairus entered his home and saw every one crying and wailing over the death of his little girl, it could have destroyed what little faith he had left. He faced a battle with his emotions at that moment. Would his emotions overpower his faith or would his faith conquer his emotions? The battle of emotions is one type of opposition which you may face one day. But whatever you do, never allow your emotions to destroy your faith in God. Remember that it is faith, not emotion that will bring your miracles (Benny Hinn)

PRAYER LINE: Our heart is always seeking –We long to know real peace; But if we trust in Jesus, our restlessness will cease. – D J D



Peace floods the soul when Christ rules the heart,


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