“And they laughed him to scorn” (Mk 5:40)

The final obstacle Jairus faced was the mockery and ridicule of those closest to him…family, friends and neighbours. When Jesus heard all the weeping and wailing of those gathered to console Jairus, He rebuked them. He asked them why they were making so much ado when the little girl was not dead but asleep. They responded immediately, mocking Jesus and insulting Him. Mockery is never easy to handle, but when it comes from the unbelieving, it is more easily dismissed. But when it comes from your own family members and those who are closest to you, it is very difficult to deal with. In fact, it can seem like persecution. After the doubters, mockers, weepers and wailer had left, Jesus went to where the body of Jairus daughter lay, accompanied by Peter, James and John. When Jesus spoke to her and took her by the hand, her little eyes popped open and she looked up at her mother and father. When Jesus stepped into the mist of Jairus emotional storm and said, “Don’t give up, its not over yet. I’m still here. Everything is going to be all right. Are you in a similar situation? Kathryn Kuhlman often said, “ When He will see a trusting heart He will stop creating the worlds to hear that heart.” Today can be Your day. (Benny Hinn)

PRAYER LINE: Father, I want to enter that divine purpose and grace You appointed for me before time began through Jesus Christ. Amen.



God’s good news is too good to keep to yourself.




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