“But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him” (V17) The relationship between Christ and the church is analogous to that between a husband and his wife. In 1 Corinthians, Paul applied this picture not merely to the relationship of God to His people as a whole, but also to the relationship that God desires do have with each individual believer. (1 Cor 6:16-17) Paul speaking about the sexual union between a man and a woman said that a man who has sexual relations with a harlot makes himself one body with her. There is a difference between the marriage union, which is pure and holy, and fornication which is sinful. The difference is that the marriage union is preceded by mutual covenant commitment on the part of the man and woman. In fornication, on the other hand, a man and a woman seek sexual satisfaction from each other without being willing to make a covenant commitment to each other. God desires spiritual union with each believer. At the same time, however, it is certain that God will never violate His own laws. He will never be a party to “spiritual fornication.” Therefore union with God in this sense depends upon, and must be preceded by, covenant commitments to God. Until a believer is ready to make the total, unreserved commitment to God that covenant requires, he can never have this full spiritual union with God, which is the purpose of redemption. Read Ps 50:5- God defines His “godly ones” as those “who cut a covenant with Him on the basis of a sacrifice. (Derek Prince)

PRAYER LINE: Don’t expect to have tomorrow what is offered you today; Trust in Him and don’t delay – Sper.


You can’t repent too soon, but soon it may be too late.


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