“My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them,” declares the LORD (V32)

In various passages of the Old Testament, God compared His relationship with Israel to that of a husband with back to the a wife. He traced this relationship back to the covenant that he made with Israel at Mount Sinai after He had delivered them out at Egypt (Jere 31:31-32) In Hosea 3:1 we find God’s relationship with Israel pictured as that of a husband to his wife. In Hosea as in Jeremiah there is a prophetic promise that God will eventually bring Israel back into covenant with Himself and thereby restore His relationship to them as their husband. (Hosea 2:16) In V18, God spoke of the new covenant that He would make with them (Vs 19-20) The New Testament unveils the nature of the covenant. It is based not on the sacrifice of animals, but on the atoning death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is the covenant into which all those of whatever race or background, who acknowledge Jesus as Saviour and Lord have already entered. Consistent with the pattern already established, this new covenant in Christ is viewed as bringing believers into relationship with God that is analogous to the marriage relationship between husband and wife. In Eph 5:25-33, Paul said that Christ redeems and sanctifies His Church so that He may present it to Himself as a bride is presented to her husband. (Derek Prince)

PRAYER LINE: For better or for worse, “we pledge, through sickness and through strife; And by God’s grace and with His help we’ll keep these vows for life – D JD


Success in marriage is more than finding the right person; it is being the right person.





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