“All things… work for good to those who love God…”

The spiritual conflict that underlines a person’s depression will always come to the surface with definite physical and emotional consequences. *Hopelessness *Fear of the future, *Fear of change *Lack of confidence * Constant headaches *Loss of sex drive *Withdrawal from people. In essence, depression is a form of self – pity. It is a self-inflicted means of escape from responsibility. In the real world. Something about that person’s world is not quite right (from his or her human perspective) and that bothers that individual. Eventually discouragement can give way to depression. What initially bothers that person could be anything; health, family, job conditions, inadequate future security, fear of growing older, and so forth. It is not what is bothering the person that is so important, but how he or she is handling it. Whenever we become discouraged, defeated, or embittered by our circumstances, we are really questioning God’s sovereign control over those circumstances. How can He really be in control, we think to ourselves and let this happen? Our self – centered view of the problem only pushes us further into depression. The major cause of suicide is depression. Depression does not need to defeat us or destroy us. It can actually become God’s tool to discipline us into correcting wrong thinking and wrong behaviour in our life. (Rom 8:28) (Ed Hindson)

PRAYER LINE: Pray this prayer. Lord, grant me grace throughout this day, To walk the straight and narrow way, To do whatever in your sight is good and perfect, just and right – Huisman.



Keep out of your life whatever keeps Christ out of your mind


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