DO BUSINESS TILL I COME (2)                                   Luke 19:11-27

For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him.  (v26)

When I teach on this parable, audiences often rush to defend the third servant. “Wasn’t he just being careful? They say, “Besides, he didn’t lose anything “Yet it doesn’t take long, as we talk about how we make decisions as parents, managers, or owners, for us to agree. We invariably give the greatest future opportunity to the person who has proven to be the most productive with the present opportunity. Fortunately for us, Jesus’ parable shows the responses of all three stewards – and we can discover life-changing insights from each. Great Expectations – Three common misbelieves about stewardship among Christians Jesus wants us to see.

(1) We think that even though God gave us our gifts and talents, He is not bothered if we don’t make most of every opportunity. But the Truth of the First Steward shows us that God expects us to take the resources of our lives and greatly multiply them for His kingdom.

(2) We think that if God does reward us for serving Him, His reward will be a general commendation that will apply to everyone equally and won’t change our future opportunities in His kingdom. But the Truth of the Second Steward is that God will reward our work for Him, but it will be in direct proportion to how much we have multiplied our life for Him. His response will have a major and eternal impact on our future. (Bruce Wilkinson)

PRAYER LINE: Dear Lord, remind me that this life is not about me and my needs but about others and how Your love can shine through me to them. May Christ-like love be my distinguishing characteristic.


Our love should make us stand out in a crowd

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