MAKING PRAISE A HABIT                                           Psalm 150:1-6

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (v6)

There are many reasons why we praise God not the least being the fact that when we do, we increase our awareness of His presence in our lives. How is this so? Because the Lord inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3 ASV). Praise is the ramp down which God comes into our hearts. We resonate so much in praise that when we reach out to Him in worship then, providing the praise and worship is genuine and not a covering up and pretence, He just cannot stay away. Once you have made a commitment to make it a daily habit to spend some time in praise of God, you then decide how you will carry it out. Don’t, whatever you do, leave it to the vagaries of feeling. A friend of mine sets his watch in bleep every hour and he uses the time signal to prompt him to focus his thoughts on praising God. Another friend who does a great deal of driving uses the moments when he is brought to a halt by a red traffic light to direct praise to God. And one minister known to me, whose telephone rings frequently uses those seconds to offer adoring praise. You might say these practices are mechanical. My friends tell me that what they have chosen to do only sounds mechanical – they have found it to be medicinal. We pick up bad habits all too quickly. As we have discovered, if we do something for thirty days it can establish itself as a habit.

What is wrong with establishing a habit that enables us to turn our minds towards the Lord and give Him the praise, which He so wondrously deserves?

PRAYER LINE: My Father and my God, help me build into my life the daily habit of praise. And help me also to regard praise not merely as a duty but also a delight, in Jesus’ Name.


Through praise and worship we have direct access to God.

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