OUR TRAVELLING COMPANION                                Psalm 121:7-8

“The LORD …will watch over your life…” (v7)

God’s people still suffer physical and emotional difficulties. These words have to be set in the context of the whole of Scripture, and nowhere in the Bible is there the faintest suggestion that the life of faith exempts us from difficulties and problems. Yes, there is the promise of healing of course (and that must not be minimized), and there are many instances of divine protection and deliverance from danger in the Scriptures but we cannot assume that because we are Christians we shall never suffer illness or injury, particularly as there are many verses detailing the suffering of Christians. The promise of this psalm is not that we will be kept from accidents or from falling prey to illness but that these and similar difficulties do not have the power to separate us from God (Romans 8:26-39) Notice again what the psalmist says in v7The LORD will keep you from all harm.”  The New King James Version says, “The LORD shall preserve you from all evil.” The promise then is not that we will be kept from hurt but from harm. The two are quite different. Six times in this psalm the Lord is described as the Keeper – the one who watches over us. He may not as someone has put it, stop the waves from buffeting us on the outside, but He will stop them from buffeting us on the inside. Each step we take on life’s journey we can sing of the fact that though evil may come to us, it will  not cause our downfall and it has lost its power to sweep us away. – (EDWJ)

PRAYER LINE: Father, please help me sing Hallelujah and be my constant travelling companion in my journey to eternity with You. In Jesus’ Name I pray


God speaks through His Word when we take time to listen.

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