THE LIGHT OF DAY                                             Psalm 139:1-24

Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! (v23)

Every one of us has to come to grips with the issue of whether God is good and can be trusted; for how can we have an intimate relationship with God if we do not trust Him. I first came across this when a man, with over forty years’ experience on the Christian life, came to me for counseling.

He had gone through a series of great difficulties and problems, and was clearly wrestling with reconciling the goodness of God with the fact that so many bad things had recently happened to him. He said, “God is not able to know everything that goes on all over the universe and some things slip into His children’s lives unnoticed by Him.”

This rationalization worked for him, as it kept him from dealing with the question that was lodged deep in his heart after his bitter experiences. “Does God really care for me? He hid it in his heart, never allowing it to see the light of day. His rationalization let him off the hook. It allowed him to believe that God was good. But not all-knowing.

When we cover up our doubts beneath rationalization, then quite simply we are not being honest. Integrity requires that whatever is true must be faced. We can’t stop doubt rising in our hearts, but if it is there we must face it and deal with it. Only recognized problems can be resolved.

PRAYER LINE: Father, I would have no rationalization, no subterfuges going on in my heart. If there are doubts about Your goodness, help me bring them to the surface and by Your grace face them and deal with them. In Jesus’ Name. I pray. Amen (EDWJ)


God can transform tragedies into triumphs.

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