NOT MY WORRY                                                         Isaiah 40:25-31

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you (Psalm 55:22)

A man worried constantly about everything. Then one day his friends heard him whistling happily and looking noticeably relaxed. “What happened they asked him in astonishment. He said, ‘I’m paying a man to do my worrying for me.” How much do you pay him? They asked.

“Two thousand dollars a week.” He replied. “Wow!  How can you afford that?” “I can’t,” he said. “but that’s his worry.” While this humorous way to handle stress doesn’t work in real life, as God’s children we can turn our worries over to Someone who has everything perfectly under control even-especially-when we feel it is not.

The prophet Isaiah reminds us that God brings out the stars and calls them all by name (40:25-26) Because of “his great power and mighty strength” not one of them is missing (v26) and just as God  knows the stars by name, He knows us individually and personally. We are each under His watchful care (v27)  If we are inclined to worry, we can turn that worry over to the Lord. He is never too weary or too tired to pay attention to us. He has all wisdom and all power, and He loves to use it on our behalf. The Holy One who directs the stars has His loving arms around us.

PRAYER LINE: Lord, You know there are times when I get really scared. And I forget that You have promised that You will never leave me to face difficulty or loss alone. Help me to trust You.


Worry ends where faith begins (ODB)

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