SUFFERING SO OTHERS MAY BE SAVED                            2 Timothy 2:1-10

Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain salvation in Christ Jesus with its eternal glory. (v10)

You hardly see a soldier who meddles in civilian affairs or an athlete who does not observe strict training wear a winner’s crown. They endure suffering in order to achieve their goal. Propagating the gospel of Christ had severally attracted deadly consequences. Apostle Paul suffered in the hands of those who wanted to make the people disbelieve that Jesus is the Messiah, adherents of other religions, overzealous officials of government and jealous leaders. Today, in many parts of the world missionaries are being maimed and killed while several believers suffer unjust treatment just saving others from destruction.

The author of the assault on Christians’ efforts is the devil. He orchestrates persecution of the saints in order to discourage them from preaching the good news. He also ensures that those in his captivity are not released – a way of – keeping them in his camp. Thanks be to Christ for the victory He won on our behalf. Therefore, believers must not lose courage even in the face of the toughest situations. Believers should rise in unity to pray always against (particularly in Northern Nigeria) and other parts of the world. Those who give out what they cannot keep gain the face of suffering and persecution while preaching the Gospel? Pray for those on mission field and encourage them in your offering.

PRAYER LINE: O Lord, encourage my heart in the face of persecution from the haters of the truth. (NBC)


God cares when people suffer for the truth.

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