MISTAKES MADE BEAUTIFUL                                    Luke 22:39-51

But Jesus answered and said, “Permit even this.” And He touched his ear and healed him. (v51)

Early in his carrier, Jazz player Herbie Hancock was invited to play in the quintet of Miles Davis, already a musical  legend. In an interview, Hancock admitted being nervous but described it as a wonderful experience because Davis was so nurturing. During one performance, when Davis was near the high point of his solo, Hancock played the wrong cord. He was mortified, but Davis continued as if nothing had happened.

“He played some notes that made my chord right” Hancock said. What an example of loving leadership. Davis didn’t scold Hancock or make him look foolish. He didn’t blame him for ruining the performance. He simply adjusted his plan and turned a potentially disastrous mistake into something beautiful.

What Davis did for Hancock, Jesus did for Peter. When Peter cut off the ear of one of the crowd who had come to arrest Jesus, Jesus reattached the ear (Luke 22:51), indicating that His Kingdom was about healing, not hurting. Time after time, Jesus used the disciples’ mistakes to show a better way. What Jesus did for His disciples, He also does for us. And what He does for us, we can do for others. Instead of magnifying every mistake, we can turn them into beautiful acts of forgiveness, healing, and redemption. (Julie Ackerman Link)

PRAYER LINE: Lord, You understand how prone we are to make selfish and foolish mistakes. Forgive us and restore us. Please for Your name’s sake, use even the worst aspects of our lives for Your glory.


Jesus longs to turn our mistakes into amazing examples of His grace (ODB)

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