2 Chronicles 21:4-20

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”(Mk 10:45)

When a road – construction foreman was killed in an accident, the love of this man for his family, co-workers, and community resulted in an overwhelming sense of loss. His country church couldn’t accommodate all the mourners, so planners moved the service to a much larger building. Friends and family packed the auditorium. The message was clear: Tim touched many lives in a way uniquely his. So many would miss his kindness, sense of humor, and enthusiasm for life. As I returned from the funeral, I thought about the life of king Jehoram. What a contrast! His brief reign of terror is traced in 2 Chronicles 21. To solidify his power, Jehoram killed his own brothers and other leaders (v4).  

Then he led Judah into idol worship. The record tells us, “He passed away, to no one’s regret.” (v20) Jehoram thought that brute force would ensure his legacy. It did. He is forever commemorated in Scripture as an evil man and a self-centered leader. Although Jesus also was a king, He came to Earth to be a servant. As He went about doing good, He endured the hatred of those who grasped for power. In the process, this Servant-king gave His life away. Today, Jesus lives along with His legacy. That legacy includes those who understand that life isn’t just about themselves. It’s about Jesus the One who longs to wrap His strong, forgiving arms around anyone who turns to Him.

PRAYER LINE: Lord, in Your death as well as in Your life, You served others in some small way, help us to serve others with our lives today. (ODB)


A life lived for God leaves a lasting legacy.

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