Ephesians 5:28-33

The wife must respect her husband (v33NLT)

Paul writes, “The wife must respect her husband.” Pay close attention to the word “must.” This is a command from the Lord, not a suggestion or a topic “love” her husband, but it does say that she must “respect” him. And guys, before you take the throne and start handing out decrees, that means you must prove yourself worthy of respect. To respect your husband is to hold him in esteem and honour. What a woman needs from a man is located in her heart, and what a man needs from a woman is located in his head. It’s called his ego. You say, I’m not going to feed his ego.” That would be like your husband saying , ‘I’m not going to feed your heart.” Men long to have their egos fed. When you fail to feed your husband’s ego, he may end up vulnerable to somebody else who feeds it for him. As a wife, you were created by God with ability to feed your husband’s ego in a healthy manner, by respecting and honouring him. There’s nothing more dangerous in a marriage relationship than disrespect. When a man doesn’t feel respected, he will either rebel against you, remove himself, or become passive. God has given two simple rules for building a successful marriage. The first is for husbands to love their wives, and the second is for wives to respect their husbands. And when you operate by God’s rules you get God’s results. So if you want God’s best, and His blessing at home; start doing things His way. ((TWFT)

PRAYER LINE: Father, in Your mercy, let us know that respect is reciprocal and that togetherness and the love of marriage make a happy home.


We said into the uncertain future surrounded by the faithfulness of God.

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