Psalm 145:8-9

The LORD is gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and great in mercy. (v8 NKJV)

Trust is an essential ingredient to surrender. You won’t surrender to God unless you trust him, but you can’t trust him until you know him better.

Fear keeps us from surrendering, but love casts out all fear. The more you realize how much God loves you, the easier surrender becomes. The more you realize how much God loves you, the easier surrender becomes. How do you know God loves you? He gives you many evidences: God says he loves you (Psalm 145:9). He cares about every detail of your life (Matthew 10:30), He gave you the capacity to enjoy all kinds of pleasure (1 Timothy 6:17b); He has good plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11); He forgives you (Psalm 86:5) and He is lovingly patient with you. (Psalm 145:8) God loves you infinitely more than you can imagine. The greatest expression of this is the sacrifice of God’s Son for you, (God proves his love  for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us (Genesis 6:22; Hebrews 11:7b) If you want  to know how much you matter to God, look at Christ with his arms outstretched on the cross, saying, “I love you this much. I’d rather die than live without you.” When we completely surrender ourselves to Jesus, we discover that he is not a tyrant, but a Saviour, not a boss, but a brother, not a dictator, but a friend. (Rick Warren)

PRAYER LINE: Father God, I want to be just like You as You created me in Your own image. Help me to grow more and more like You each day.


Through the cross, believers are made perfect in His sight.

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