Jeremiah 33:1-9

He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.(Ps 107:20)

When the word of God comes to an individual, maybe in the form of prophesy, through the written word or by any other means, it is a wise thing to pay close attention to it. The word of God comes for many reasons and for different purposes.

The word of God was sent to the people of Judah for the purpose of deliverance and for the restoration of their freedom which had been lost to the Chaldeans (Jeremiah 33:1-9) At often times in the Old Testament, before the people of God went to war, the word of God would go forth announcing their victory and that always settled the battle (2 kings 3:17-19, 2 Chronicles 20:13-15). The word of God comes at times to bring peace in the time of crises, as in the case of Judah (Jeremiah 33:6) When Jesus Christ was in the boat with His disciples and the devil was playing pranks through the tempest, a word of peace settled the turbulent waves of the sea (Mark 4:39). I therefore prophesy into your life right now, your troubled life, marriage, business or career receives peace now in Jesus’ Name.

It is equally comforting to note that when a child of God is exposed to the word of God, he or she receives spiritual cleansing. It is therefore unfortunate for any child of God  to run away from the sound teaching of the Bible by failing to read it, study it or listen to it being preached.

To underscore this salient truth, the Lord Jesus Christ in John 17:17 prayed thus:  “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.”

PRAYER LINE: Father, please grant me the grace to align my life to conform to Your word, and through Your word, deliver me from all forms of destruction (O. H)


He sent His word, and healed them – so must you.

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