“Every one who believes… that Jesus is the Christ… is a born-again child of God.. even our faith (V1,4)

So what is the faith to be grounded on? What are we to believe in order to overcome? To fully believe in Jesus Christ also means that we accept God is the all-powerful God He says He is and that nothing happens without His knowledge or outside His will. If we praise God in all circumstances, I believe that some sparrows will be prevented from falling, some little children will not die, some cancers will be halted and leave. Yet this is not to be our motivation for praising God. We are told to praise God for bringing allowing evil into our lives, trusting that He has a plan and purpose for it. Jesus told His followers, “Resist not evil” (Matt 5:39) Yet in Jn 2:15 He “made a whip and drove out merchants selling exchanging money in the temple area. So there is a time God would lead us to take over action against a force of evil; other times He would have us submit without resistance. Paul told the Romans, “Do not let yourself be over come by evil, but overcome (master) evil with good” (Rom12:21 AMP) In the case of Jesus arrest and crucifixion, it was His very act of nonresistance to evil that broke the power over evil in the world. Read 1Pet 5:8-9; Jas 4:7 If we let fear and doubts and a preoccupation with the presence of evil take over our minds, we block the power of God from entering the situation. (Merlin C. Carothers)

PRAYER LINE: When someone comes along who says, His message is from God, what he believes about the Lord will show if it is flawed – Sper.


Error often wears the disguise of truth




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