“Through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised (V11:1) Sarah, the wife of Abraham, experienced the power of faith to receive supernatural strength. This woman who once did not believe and who laughed at God’s promise got hold of faith that went beyond the possibility of nature. Read Gen 18:9-15 when she heard the tremendous promise made to Abraham by an angel of the Lord, Sarah laughed. Sarah was gripped with this powerful spirit of unbelief after having passed the time of life without having known the joy of motherhood. She did not understand that God was able to perform a miracle and bring forth seed. Sarah found herself crippled by an unbelieving spirit. But somehow she made it into the faith chapter. Read Roman 4:1-17. In the passage you’ll find a powerful secret of faith (Rom 4:1;3;16,17) which we God’s children, need to learn: counting those things which are not as though they are! Standing on the promises of God! Believing when we cannot see the fulfillment of the promise! Elisha gave the Shunammite woman a promise, backed by the integrity of God (2kgs 4:16a) Like Sarah, this woman had waited so long in hope for a child that she received strength beyond her own faith. No matter how weak your faith is, you too can take hold of faith in God’s word. Assuredly, God’s promise in your life will come to pass. (R.W Schambach)

PRAYER LINE: You have not been promoted, you are not married, you are jobless, so what. Look up to Jesus, He has the answer. Your testimony is on the way.


For a Christ like walk, keep in step with Jesus.





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