“If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things” (Phil 4:8 NIV)

Imagine that you were really serious about running in a marathon. How likely is it you’d go on an all candy diet before the big race? The fuel you put into something determines its performance. Which is why it’s so ironic that in one of the most important areas of life, we disregard this basic piece of wisdom. That area involves your mind. What you feed everything else is nothing compared to what you feed your mind. Here’s a truth that will transform you – think excellent thoughts! What enters your mind repeatedly, occupies it, shapes it, controls it, and in the end expresses itself in what you do and who you become. That’s the law of exposure. And it’s as sure as the law of gravity. Your mind will absorb and reflect what ever it’s exposed to. The events you attend, the materials you read or don’t read, the music you listen to, the images you expose yourself to, the conversations you hold, the thoughts you entertain, are all shaping your mind, and eventually your character and your destiny.

Do a check up from the neck up! Begin to pray “Lord, what I want is a new mind, because I’m tired of this old one. It keeps leading me down the wrong paths. In a world were the messages are so often twisted or trivial or foolish or self – absorbed, I want the kind of mind Your Word describes: one that’s filled with excellent, admirable, honourable, praiseworthy thoughts (TWFYT)

PRAYER LINE: In gladness I go forth each day With love-filled heart to serve and claim The happiness that service gives When freely rendered in His name – Anon


Serving Christ under law is duty; under love it’s delight.



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