“I am the door; if anyone enters through Me he shall be saved, and shall go in and out” (v9)

God created us with a legitimate desire for Him but some of us are trying to fulfill that desire illegitimately. How can Jesus be both the door and the sheep? I believe that Jesus crucified is the door – and there is no other door – and Jesus resurrection is the shepherd. Jesus said that a lot of people – the thieves and robbers – try to climb up some other way. They’re stealing. They’re trying to lay claim to blessings and provisions that they’re not entitled to. If you want the resurrected Jesus as your shepherd, you’ve to got through the door, which is the crucified Jesus. There is no other way. This explains the pathetic condition of many people in our churches today. They desire a relationship with God. They may even lay claim to such a relationship. Nevertheless, their desire is that they have never made that solemn unreserved, personal commitment to God through Christ, which is the only basis upon which He will receive them into the relationship that they desire. Such people may indeed have “made a decision” at an evangelistic campaign. They may have gone through a religious ritual, such as Baptism or confirmation. All these are of no avail unless they bring people into a vital committed, covenant relationship with God. God does not commit Himself to the uncommitted. (Derek Prince)

PRAYER LINE: Instill within my heart dear Lord, A deep desire to know Your Word; I want to learn to hear Your voice, So that Your will becomes my choice – D De Haan



In God’s works we see His hand; in His Word we hear His heart.





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