“Honour God with everything… give Him the first and the best (Prov 3:9TM) God promised to “supply all your needs. But sometimes our definition of needs differs from His! Shelly Smith whose family accumulated $40,000 in credit card debt, says “We worried constantly…we just couldn’t live that way any more.’’ So they; repaid high interest credit cards first. It’s encouraging to see your debt decreasing. Paul said, “Pay …your debts, because when you can’t meet your financial obligations you “put yourself under the lender’s power” (Prov 22:7 TM) Went cash only. They refused to write cheques for unnecessary expenses. This kept them on track and made them think twice about their spending habits. Unlike Paul who learnt to be happy and get by on “much or little” (Phil 4:11 NLT) the Smith had lots of stuff. Impulse buys, unwanted gifts, things from relatives. So they sold it all, gave God a tithe and applied the rest towards their debt. Negotiated with creditors. It’s not easy, but by mustering the courage to call your creditors you can often work out terms. The Bible says (a) Restrain yourself! Riches disappear in the blank of an eye” (Prov 23: 4-5TM) (b) Honour God with everything …give him the first and …best (Prov 3:9TM) (c) Don’t be obsessed with getting more…things” (Heb 13:5) Becoming debt free means changing the habits that got you into trouble. Is it easy? No, but with discipline and God’s help you can do it. (TWFYT)

PRAYER LINE: As you pray, ask the Father to grant you a longing to sow and tithe. Trust Him for a miracle. He will honour His promise.


Riches disappear in the blank of an eye (Prov 23: 5)





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