And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a helper…” (V18 Devotional) There are three choices of very great importance that usually face young people as they grow up (a) choice of a Savour (b) the choice of a work in life (a career) (c) and the choice of a partner in life (a wife or husband) If we have chosen Christ as our Saviour, we should ask Him to guide us in the other choices. Read (Gen 2:18-25)

Importance of Marriage. God attaches much greater importance to marriage than most Christians do today. Some Christians think marriage is a sort of fortunate necessity because we are sexual beings and must be married before engaging in sexual relations. Another problem is that younger Christians have failed to see the tremendous sanctity and importance of marriage. Given the rising divorce rates, it’s evident that couples do not take their wedding vows as seriously as they should. The marriage relationship, which should be the most stable, constant thing in a married person’s life, can now be dissolved almost as quickly as it was formed. We are not giving marriage its fair due. We have not recognized its true value and importance. In his book the Marechale, James Strahan quoted one of William Booth’s (the man who pioneered the Salvation Army) daughters as saying, “Christ loves us passionately, and He wants to be loved passionately. If marriage was important enough to God that He used it to start history, to begin Jesus’ ministry on earth, and to typify His relationship to the church, we should be careful about the person with whom we enter into this covenant. (Derek Prince)

PRAYER LINE: Pray. God to grant you the patience and the direction to meet your soul-mate. This season, the God of mercy will answer you.


God speaks to those who take time to listen. And He listens to those who take time to pray.

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