Belief is one thing that keeps most people from having everything they want in their lives, it is what they believe about themselves, their abilities and the world in which they live. Everything that you do in your life and everything that you have accomplished or will accomplish is directly governed by your beliefs.

Where do beliefs come from?

A belief, quite simply, is a thought that you have held or something that you have held yourself over and over through your life. Beliefs start at a young age. If we try something for the first time and we fail, we label ourselves a failure. For example, a person once tried to own a business but was not successful. They created a belief that they are not meant to be in business. And therefore, never tried again. This is really sad when you consider that almost every successful business person has experienced many ‘failures.’ The difference is in the way they viewed them and the belief that they created from the experience. Other people’s beliefs. Perhaps the most limiting and destructive beliefs are those we are given by other people and society in general. There is something called a “global belief”’ which is what happens when a whole section of society agrees that something is true. Many of the long held, global beliefs that were later proven to be false are things like “Man was not meant to fly” in the case of Roger Banister the first human being to run a mile in less than four minuets. The particular belief was in place for thousands of years before Mr. Banister came along and shattered it. (Jim Donovan)

PRAYER LINE: Precious Father, let me be guided by Your Word as the basic, for my belief and not the “global belief” In Jesus’ name I pray.



The measure of love is what one is willing to give up for it.



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