“Work together with the same purpose” (1Cor 3:8)

Church growth consultant Jim Wideman highlights some things you can do to help those looking to you for direction

(1)                        Put their goals and needs first. You’re a part, not the whole enchilada. Think about how your actions affect others. Be observant of the challenges and setbacks they’re experiencing, and find ways to lighten their load even if they don’t ask (2) Help others to win. Let others take a slam-dunk while you take an assist. Keep the ball moving till someone has a chance to score. Adopt the motto, “it doesn’t matter who gets the credit! Be willing to accept blame and reluctant to assign it.

“A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse” (Mk 3:24 NLT ); you can’t sink someone else’s end of the boat and keep your own afloat (3) Over – communicate. Keep everyone in the loop, spend time with your peers, invest in your teammates, and advice.

Leadership coach Rick Tate said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions, and a good communicator is a good listener. (4) Don’t take things personally. Leadership, by definition, is about ‘others’, When you start thinking its all about ‘you’, you lose perspective. (5) Give it all you’ve got. Paul, Timothy’s mentor, said to him; “ concentrate on doing… work you won’t be ashamed of (2 Tim 2:15TM) Good leaders empower others. Lao-Tzu said, ‘At the end of the days of truly great leaders, the people will say about them, “We did it our selves’ (TWFT)

PRAYER LINE: The hidden person of the heart, must take priority because our inner character determines who we’ll be – Sper



It’s not what you do but who you are that’s most important.





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