“But let a man examine himself and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup” (1Cor 11:28)

The Holy Communion is an uncommon meal that every believer in Christ should take periodically. The inherent blessings channelled to communicants are immense, and the effects can last a lifetime. When God was instructing the Israelites concerning the Passover, He asked them to apply the blood of the Lamb on the lintel and the two side posts of their front doors. Whenever God sees the blood of His Son Jesus Christ on the door post of your heart, He will instruct the destroyer to pass over you. As you partake of the Holy Communion, apply the blood on your door, yourself, your family, and everything you have. The destroyer and destruction will stay away from you. When Joseph’s family arrived in Egypt, Joseph, with the permission of Pharaoh, gave them the best of the land of Egypt – Goshen. They had a good time until his death in that land, their increase moved from the level of addition to that of multiplication. Their prosperity and rapid growth got them into trouble. Has God’s blessings on your life made you a target of enemy attacks, manipulation and oppression? Fear not! The Holy Communion is a way out. One night, the poverty – stricken slaves of Egypt took the passover meal and everything changed. It does not matter how long your envious enemies have hated, oppressed or tormented you. As you partake in this meal, release your faith and claim your deliverance and you shall be totally free. (O.H)

PRAYER LINE: As you participate and dine with the Lord at table the destroyer and destruction will stay away from your family in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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