“Come ye apart and rest a while”
(1) When You Hurry, You Increase The Mistakes You Make. Sometimes, those mistakes can be almost fatal. At the very least you have succeeded only in slowing your project down. (2) When You Hurry, You Often Have To Redo Everything You Have Done. Mechanics who hurry often see their customer return the second time because some thing was left unfinished. This increases the expense of the repair to the mechanic. (3) When You Slow Down, You Follow The Example Of Other Uncommon Achievers. Multi – Millionaire Ron Popeil writes on page 195 of his excellent book, “Salesman of the Century,” The key to the whole plan is sometimes taking things one step at a time. Be very methodical. Don’t be in too much of a rush (4) Slowing Down Provides Time To Receive Worthy Counsel. On page 467 of his wonderful book, “An American Journey,” Colin Powell wrote about President George Bush, “He had listened quietly to his advisors. He had consulted by phone with royal leaders. And then, taking his own counsel, he had come to this momentous decision and revealed it at the first opportunity.’’ (5) One Moment Of Hurry Can Create One Month Of Chaos. It happened to me a few days ago. I rushed out of a room too quickly and left an expensive cellular phone plugged into the wall. Fortunately, it was returned about ten days later. Mainwhile, I had to do without my phone. Guard against hurrying, especially while traveling (Mike Murdock)
PRAYER LINE: Pray – Heavenly Father, grant me the patience to plan, pray for your divine counsel in all I do. In Jesus’ name
A debt is not too old to pay

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