“And Jesus went with him, and much people followed him, and thronged him” (Mk 5:24)

Jairus daughter was dying and every moment counted. He had no choice but to run right into the midst of the crowd to get to Jesus. As Jairus quickly explained the situation, Jesus nodded in agreement to Jairus ‘s urgent plea. Relieved, Jairus gently began to guide Jesus through the crowd in the direction of his home and his critically-ill daughter. As Jesus walked along with him, a crowd of people followed them. As they walked along, the moving mass of people attracted more and more curious spectators. They followed along behind and also filled the street ahead.

Soon Jesus and Jairus were swallowed up by the crowd. The bigger the crowd got the longer it took for Jairus and Jesus walk down the road to the beside of Jairus’ dying daughter. But Jairus had over come several obstacles and he would not be defeated. He was determined that no obstacle would keep him from receiving his miracle. He must press on because his daughter was dying. Put yourself in Jairus position, your son or daughter is dying. You have tried every treatment and no medical remedy. On your way, there is traffic jam and you become more desperate. You know there is salvation ahead (Benny Hinn)


It is our Father’s will, And precious in His sight, that Christians learn to walk in wisdom, love and light – Hess.


Give as freely as you… received (Matt 10:8 NLT)


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