“All silver and gold belong to me … I will also bless this city with peace” (Hagai 2:8-9)

The cost of reconciliation of man to God was certainly not cheap, even though many people regard it as valueless. It cost God his only begotten son as his only Son, Jesus was entitled to everything that his father possessed the entire inheritance of heaven and earth. In other words, Jesus was entitled to all the silver and all the gold that were ever created, (Hagai 2:8) all the beasts of the forests, the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps 50:10) including the value of the hills! What we are saying is that it cost God all He had created to reconcile man back to himself! The price of reconciliation is therefore unquantifiable, priceless! No man can ever pay for the price of the salvation of a soul. This also means that every soul for which the price was paid is also priceless. That is why salvation is the most important miracle in God’s economy. It is the heart throb of God. There is no soul that is worthless to God. God wants us to be partners with him in winning every soul back to the kingdom. We cannot afford to do anything less. It is all by his grace (unlimited favour) that we are saved to walk in right relationship with our benevolent maker and creator, the most merciful, all sufficient God, the author and finisher of our faith.

PRAYER LINE: Oh, I would be to others A cheering ray of light, Inspiring them with courage to climb some new found height! – Bosch.



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