“And we know that all things work together for good” (V28)
A change of pace in what we do from day to day can also help relieve the minor stresses of life.
(9) Get some exercise. Being “good and tired” from rigorous physical exercise helps you relax, helps you sleep, improves your appearance, and gives you the satisfaction of feeling physically fit. It’s best to make exercise a regular part of your daily routine, and recent medical research indicates that regular exercise may actually result in biochemical changes within the brain that help to offset depression. (10) Confess and forsake sinful actions and sinful thinking. Think scripturally, like a real Christian – then act like one. Stop making excuses and start making some changes. (11) Get your priorities in proper order. Put God first not yourself. Stop trying to make everything revolve around you and your problems. From a truly Christian perspective, you have no real problems. Instead, you have lots of opportunities to trust your heavenly Father and see Him work in your life. (12) Get involved with the needs of somebody else. Get your eyes off yourself and onto the needs of others. You cease being missionary when you become a mission field. Remember, Jesus Christ has already commissioned you to go to others. Christ – centered thinking is not morbidly self – centered thinking. Positive Christian thinking is God conscious not problems conscious. (Ed Hindson)
PRAYER LINE: As you ponder on the points above, challenge the Holy Spirit to take-over and your life will not remain the same in Jesus’ name.
The voice of God in nature assures us of His power.

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