7 Facts About Excellence.
(1) Excellence Is Always Instantly Recognized. Uncommon men honour it in friends and foes alike
As Porter Bibb, the biographer of famed multimillionaire Ted Turner, wrote on page 65 of his book, “It Ain’t As Easy As It Looks,” He is quick to compliment worthy opponents.”
(2) Excellence Never Produces Regret And Remorse. Someone said, “The quality of your product will be remembered long after the price of it has been forgotten.” Whether you are hiring an employee or purchasing an item at your local store when you invest in the best, it creates peace of mind that is unexplainable
(3) Excellence Never Requires Replacement. Have you ever used an inferior product in order to save some money? Of course you have. And within a matter of few months, it had to be replaced.
(4) Excellence Enables You To Focus. Solomon knew the importance of focus. Anything less than the best becomes distracting. Something within you is always in pursuit of the best. The desire for excellence is a natural current running within every human heart. It is unexplainable, undeniable, and always emerging. (Mike Murdock)
PRAYER LINE: To produce excellence – ponder consistency! How much we need, to walk a measured pace, to live the life of which we speak, until we see His face – Anon.
No obstacle will ever leave you the way it found you.

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