Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel” (Gen 32:28)

God has given you a marvelous gift. He has given you life. What are you going to do with it? God is out to confront you before you lose your greatest commodity – life. God gave you an opportunity. God wrestled with Jacob, a man whose name actually means “supplanter” or trickster. Every time they called Jacob, they were calling him according to his characteristics. Jacob lived up to his first name until God met him on the wrestling mat. Lord, I thank you for not giving up on me! God will wrestle with you to show you that you are wasting your life. He will wrestle with you to make you appreciate the life He gave you. Be thankful for the wrestling times, for if God doesn’t wrestle with you, you will give up the greatest for the least. Sometimes God has to wrestle with you to make you understand how blessed you are. He will wrestle with you to give you the ability to stick to a job, even when it feels like it is going nowhere. God’s way is to tell it like it is. He doesn’t put a bandage on your infected wound – He demands that the problem be dealt with, not merely tucked out of sight. He tells you, “You are unstable and are making excuses. You need to be planted. God is waiting to wrestle with you because He knows time is running out (T.D. Jakes)            

PRAYER LINE: God cannot prosper those who try to cover sin, and wrong deny; but all who humbly will confess, The Saviour with His love will bless. – D De Haan.



Only those willing to take blame can ever be trusted with responsibility.





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