“And Jacob was left alone: and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.” (Gen 3:24)

We can no longer allow our past to destroy what God has for us in the present. We must admit the hidden issues threatening our destiny and confront them. All of us have crippling wounds and disadvantages hidden within.

No one is exempt from disadvantage.

We know something is evicting us. The “something” we are grasping for is out of our reach. Although we work hard to obtain it, it keeps moving back. We blame each other, but we still know that we cannot get it. The black hand has not reached it; the white hand has not reached it. The businessman and the Corporate lawyer have not reached it, those men are committing suicide right along with the junkie who is strung out on crack. The only hope any of us have is in Jesus. Only Jesus can walk us through the barrier of time to invade our past. There He can make us comfortable with our uncomfortable parts and at peace with our frailties and brokenness. From the executive to the drug dealer, from the deacon to the doper, we have but one God to go to, yet something is standing in our way. We’re in for a battle if we’re serious about breaking free from that thing. Read Gen 32:24.

Note: You can never become who you want to be until you drop who you used to be. (T.D Jakes)

PRAYER LINE: One of the great hymns of our faith I like very well. To keep your armour bright, Attend with constant care, still walking in our Captains’s sight and watching unto prayer.


A little wisdom is better than a lot of wealth.


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