WORKING OUT AN ALTERNATIVE                   Genesis 16:1-4
“He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;” Romans 4:20

In this uncommon race that we have enlisted in, if you rest prematurely, or take your eyes off the daystar we are following, you will be distracted. Another thing that can divert your attention is opening your mouth prematurely to reveal your secret to ‘sympathetic friends’. Never share a testimony until it is complete. Sometimes people have shared how years after a fruitless search for a job, they have eventually been called for an interview and that they are now awaiting their letter of appointment. When the enemy hears this, he or she may begin to manipulate situations, circumstances and those capable of influencing decisions. Such people may lose out in shame eventually.

Moreover, if you are truly determined to make it to Heaven, even though you have diverted at some point, you can be restored by the mercies of God. After Abraham, had waited for many years, for God’s promise to be fulfilled, his wife came with a diversion: she asked them to help God by offering him her slave. From the time Abraham diverted to the bondwoman, God into silence for about 13 years. But being a merciful God, after that period, God restored him again and from that moment, Abraham and God walked together in sweet harmony. The Lord who restored Abraham will restore you in any area you have diverted from His plan and purpose. Some people are becoming weary over the delay in the fulfillment of a particular promise. As a result, some are dabbling into sin and trying out other alternatives. Stay firm in God and He will sort you out.

PRAYER LINE: Thank God for seeing the end of this year. Pray that God will safely bring you into 2014 with grace and power. (O. H)

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