THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE                                   Psalm 34:1-22

‘Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.’ (v14)

There are three types of people – peacebreakers, peacefakers and peacemakers. (1) Preacebreakers are those who say the wrong things, do the wrong things, confront, disagree and cause divisions.

These people undermine church life and relationships. The Bible has strong words for such individuals: ‘watch out for those who cause divisions… keep away from them’ (Romans 16:17-18).

(2) Peacefakers are those who prefer peace to truth. They regard peace simply as the absence of any kind of argument or discord. Although they give the impression they are for peace, in reality what they are for is avoiding troubled waters. (3) Peacemakers, however, are those who are equally committed to peace and truth, and are prepared to be misjudged or hurt in their pursuit of bringing together those whose relationships need to be reconciled or re-established. The letter to Philemon is a wonderful example of how Paul tactfully sought to reconcile estranged parties.

Jesus said that peacemakers ‘will be called children of God’ (Matthew 5:9). What did He mean? He meant that when we make peace between two opposing parties we are most like our heavenly Father! We are doing the work of heaven, for it is heaven’s work to reconcile us. A story is told about Alexander the Great and a young soldier who was brought before him, charged with cowardice in battle. ‘What is your name?’ asked Alexander. ‘The same as yours,’ answered the soldier, ‘Alexander.’ The great leader thought for a moment and said, ‘I sentence you to change your name or change your conduct.’ The soldier changed his conduct.

PRAYER LINE: Father, I want not merely to have the name of a peacemaker, I want to be one. Please anoint me for the task so that I can do heaven’s work here on earth. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. (EDWJ)


Be slow to judge others.

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