ASSURANCE OF GOD’S PROTECTION                                 Psalm 91:1-8; 11-16

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  (v1)

A  missionary to Nigeria, Tommie Titcombe faced terrifying dangers and threats in the course of his missionary work. Once he was on his way to a village where the witch doctors had warned him not to visit. At the outskirts of the village was a rope across the path with fresh human heads attached to it. All his guides fled, when they saw this. But he refused to be intimidated by that. He fasted and prayed for a night, and then entered the village and preached the Gospel. Tommie lived to a ripe old age. And while on his deathbed, Raymond Davis, the Director of Sudan Interior Mission, the mission board he had worked for in Nigeria all those years was with him. He said; “Ray, I’ve told you many times that long ago, God gave me Psalm 91 as my special portion of Scripture. There are 33 promises in that Psalm and God has fulfilled every one of them for me, most of them many times. God’s assurance of protection for His people is the theme of Psalm 91. The psalm speaks about God’s covering over His people who dwell in the shelter of the Most High. Swelling in the Most High implies testing on His promises in His Word, not looking around to any other alternative for help, but looking up to Him in confident assurance that He will be our refuge and fortress. He will deliver us from the wicked. In Him, we will not be afraid of the terror at night or the arrows that fly by day. No evil will come near our dwellings because He will give His angels charge over us.

PRAYER LINE: Lord Let Your protection continue to be sure over me and my family.

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The only sure assurance is God (NBC)

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