THE GIFT OF LIFE                                                                   Genesis 9:1-7

Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.  (v6)

(6) The Sixth Commandment. “You shall not murder (Exodus 20:13) Enthrined within the four words of this Commandment is a fundamental statement about the first principle of life: human existence is sacred. At the very foundation of the social fabric lies the truth of the sovereignty of God over every individual life. And if God regards human life as sacred – we would do well to do so also. Life originates with God and it is His gift to us that human life is a divine creation, marvelous and magnificent in its origin and utterly beyond the comprehension of any human beings. Therefore, life is not to be cut off at the hand of someone who does not know or understand all that it contains – its wonder, its meaning; its possibilities. God has a purpose for every individual who enters His world – a purpose stretching far beyond the present  moment so immense are the issues relating to a person’s death that there can be no sin against humanity greater than that of taking life. I say again, this six Word of the Decalogue contains a fundamental statement about the first principle of love and life, love lies behind this amazing truth. God is love and out of His rich depth of love, God enables life so we can share His love and be in relationship with Him – life is God’s gift.

PRAYER LINE: Father, I am so grateful that day by day Your Word is touching me to look at life from Your perspective. Help me to be willing to exchange my perspective for Yours. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen  (EDWJ)


Life is a gift to be preserved.

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