SET YOUR MIND (3)                                                              Romans 8:6

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  (v6)

Once you give in to “stinking thinking” your mood dips, you lose energy, God seems distant, prayer seems pointless, sin looks tempting, and your outlook in life becomes bleak. When that happens, you become so focused on how you feel, you don’t realize it’s your thinking that’s causing you to feel that way. It happens to the bests of us. Look at Elijah the prophet. The high point in his career was when he called down fire from heaven and defeated the prophets of Baal. It was a Super Boul-sized victory. Then word came from Queen Jezebel. “You killed my prophets. Well, guess what? Now I’m going to kill you.” (1 Kings 19) As a result Elijah plunged headlong into fear. He felt worthless. “I am no better than my ancestors.” (v4NIV) So how did God respond to Elijah? In four simple ways (1) He helped him to start eating right and get proper rest (2) He spoke to him in “a still small voice.” (v12 NKJV), reassuring him and giving him courage. (3) He assured Elijah that he was not alone.” I have seen thousand in Israel all whose knees have not bowed to Baal” (v18 NKJV) (4)  He gave him another mission to fulfill. There will always be a “Jazebel” threatening to undo your best efforts and bring you down. The key is learning to control your thinking.” (TWFT)

PRAYER LINE: Lord Jesus, I know that true wisdom comes from leaning on You. Help me to trust in You and seek Yours face and Your will that I will find life –giving word.


The evidence of God’s guidance can be seem more clearly by looking back than by looking backward

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