THE HEART OF A SERVANT (3)                                   Luke 15:1-7

And he spake this parable unto them, saying,  (v5)

I am convinced that Jesus definition of greatness is radically different from ours. Greatness in God’s kingdom is not necessarily measured by the size of our homes, the size of our income, or recognition from other men. It is measured by our obedience to His will and the value we place upon people.

Lets go back to the story of the nameless young lady who reached out to “little Annie.” (D231) Years ago, Helen Keller was being honoured for her contribution to the physically and mentally handicapped. As she gave her acceptance speech, she made sure to thank publicly the lady to whom she attributed her success. Helen Keller called this woman her life-saver, the woman to whom she owned every-thing. That woman’s name was Ann Sullivan –“ little Annie.” Thank God for the faceless lady who started it all, simply because she chose to spend her lunch hour reaching out to the one whom others had labeled “impossible.” Even though we will still do not know her name – God does. And that is what matters most. A. W. Tozer has said
“Many times man will share himself, he will even sacrifice himself for a desired end, but very rarely will he dethrone himself, it is this dethroning process that is difficult many times. A song performed by Christian recording artist Clay Cross titled, “I Surrender All” has deeply challenged me to live in a greater place of surrender (MIKE FEHLUAUeR)

PRAYER LINE: I want to love that sweetly bears, whate’er  my Father’s hand may choose to send, I want the love that patiently endures. The wrongs that come from enemy or friend – Anon.


Be as patients with others as God has been with you.

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