PRAYER CAN TAKE YOU TO THE HEIGHTS                (1)     Luke 5:16

And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.(v16)

In 1958 when I first pioneered my work in the suburbs of soul, I knew little about prayer life. We were so poor after the Korean War. The economy was in shambles and I was living from hand to mouth. I prayed then-not because I was spiritual – but because I needed an everyday meal from the Lord. I was fasting and praying, not because of my spirituality, but because I was forced to do so. I had nothing to eat. And so, I really prayed and that became the foundation for the tremendous growth of my ministry. Through prayer I can really stand before the Lord in a righteous way. In other words, I cannot sustain. For my own survival  I have to pray. I must pray whether people like me or not. Since I was praying so fervently, one by one my disciples began to take after me. Sheep follow after the shepherd. If a leader doesn’t pray, people will never follow. You may instruct them to pray, but if you don’t practice your life, none will follow you. Since I was so intent on my prayer life, all my associates-my elders and deacons – all began to pray. Because of this our church is wonderfully organized to pray. When I suggest, let’s pray, “they will go into prayer for hours and hours I have to ring the bell to stop them. It is really beautiful. (Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho)

PRAYER LINE: My Father and my God, please help me to begin each day with Bible, study Your Word and pray with the leading of the Holy Spirit to fulfill my destiny.


Prayer is the Bridge between panic and peace.

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