WE ALL NEED FORGIVENESS (1)                      Luke 15:1-32

And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.  (v6)

The 15th Chapter of Luke Contains three separate stories Luke 15:1-7 The Parable of the lost sheep (a) The reason for this parable (vv 1-3). The Pharisees are faulting Jesus for associating with people they feel are notorious sinners. (b) The relating of this parable (vv4-7) (1) The search (v4) A man who has a hundred sheep sets out to find one of them who has strayed away (2) The sighting (v5) Having found it, he puts the sheep on his shoulders and returns home (3) The singing (vv 6-7) (a) There is singing on earth, because of a recovered sheep (v6) (b) there is rejoicing in heaven, because of a repenting sinner (v7)

The Parable of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10)  (a) The Search (v8)  A woman who misplaces one of her ten valuable silver coins searches her house carefully for it (b) The Sighting (v9a) She finds it and calls in her friends (c) The Singing (v9b – 10)  (i) Rejoicing on earth, because of a recovered coin (v9b) (ii) There is rejoicing in heaven, because of a repenting sinner (10) We now come the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32) States that we all Need forgiveness to change our Hearts. The older son was not rejoicing. He was just like the scribes and Pharisees who considered themselves  righteous. They faithfully attended synagogue every Sabbath, prided themselves on keeping the law. (Charles F. Stanley)

PRAYER LINE: Father, thank You for the wisdom of knowing that there is rejoicing on earth and in heaven when a repentant sinner is found and won over to Your kingdom.


Don’t give up, help win over a lost soul.

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