ENTER BY THE NARROW GATE                                            Luke 13:22-30

“Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. (v24)

A young girl was walking home with her friend when they saw a wallet on the floor. Inside it, they found a huge amount of money in foreign currency. Her friend was joyous and began to plan for a shopping spree. The young girl, however, searched the wallet until she found an identity card belonging to its owner. When she told her friend that she was going to return the wallet, her friend was shocked. “Nobody returns this kind of money,” her friend said. She shook her head and replied, “Others may, but I cannot. I am a child of God: His ambassador on earth.”

In today’s passage, Jesus showed His disciples that there are two options in our life’s journey: to follow the multitude or to follow Christ. The narrow gate is less attractive and so only a few pass through it. On the other hand is the wide gate which attracts the crowd. Jesus encourages us to enter through the narrow gate which leads to eternal life and shun the wide gate which we are tempted to act in ways that conform to the norms of our environment, even when it does not glorify God. Today, we are reminded that as believers, we are called to a higher standard, and that we must not compromise even when it seems the normal thing to do. As you go about your activities, do all it takes to remain on the narrow way that leads to eternal life. The road you take determines your destination. Choose wisely.

PRAYER LINE: Lord Jesus, help me to stand for You even if I am standing alone. Help me not to join the multitude to sin. In Jesus’ Name.


Enter through the narrow gate. For wide… leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13) (NBC)

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