RESTING IN A TRUSTWORTHY GOD                          Genesis 37:1-11

If we’ve honest, we would probably admit we’ve had moments when we’re thought the promises in the Bible were written for someone else. It can be tough to lean back into God’s arms in total trust when we’ve just been handed a cancer diagnosis, been denied by an insurance carrier, or been told we’re about to lose a foot to diabetes. In moments of pain and suffering, we live in the tension of who we believe God to be and who He appears to be if we use circumstances to define Him. One privilege of living in the twenty-first century is being able to look back at the lives of people in the Bible. We can learn much from Joseph, who faced the reality of suffering. He believed God was good and loving, yet circumstances seemed to indication the opposite. One after another, the good things in Joseph’s life were stripped away, his freedom, his reputation, his family. He was wrongly accused and continued while evil men ran free. Joseph’s faith was rooted in his commitment to truth, not in what he could see. He believed in a trustworthy God who kept His word and fulfilled His promises (Psalm 105:1-11) He believed God’s faithfulness was greater than his circumstances suggested (v8) He believed God’s sovereignty intervened in the course of human history, therefore, he trusted God with his own life (vv12-15) Read (vv 14-15,17) He made choices – Study our Bible Reference for today (Genesis 57:1-11)

PRAYER LINE:  Meditate on – Trials and hardships are a certainty of life, but they don’t have the power to control us or shape our future when faith rests in the character of a trustworthy God. (ODB)


Surrender to Him – His saving grace is more than enough for you. 

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