CHARACTER AND REPUTATION                                 Psalm 27:1-14

False witnesses rise up against me (v12)

(9)“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbour.” (Exodus 20:16) The implications of this Commandment are wide and far reaching: but the major principle underlying it is honesty: When we are open and honest we are free to enjoy stronger relationships – not only with God but with all those we come into contact with everyday. God knows that a reputation untarnished is a precious thing, and it is His will and purpose that no one’s reputation is stained by a false report. Reputation can be best understood by comparing it with the word “character.” Character is what a person is within the depths of their being; reputation is the estimate that other people form of them. A person with a good Character can have a bad reputation because of that position now. If so, then let me encourage you. Jesus knows exactly how you feel, for He was rushed to the cross on the basis of false witness. None knows more than He the weight and burden of this sin, for Scripture says of Him: “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrow, and familiar with suffering (Isaiah 53:3) So close does He come to tormented hearts in these times that a new courage is created within their souls enabling them to stand tall in the midst of children is such that in time – His time – He will fully justify and vindicate them.

PRAYER LINE: Father, help me to take care of my character and trust You to take care of my reputation. And when false reports are given, give me the grace to carry on, knowing that at the end truth will always be justified. In Jesus’ Name. amen (EDWJ)


To avoid going wrong, follow God’s leading.

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