JESUS TESTED IN THE WILDERNESS                          Matthew 4:1-11

Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. (v1)

Shortly after the Reformation, some young followers of Martin Luther wrote him a letter saying: “We are harassed by many temptations which appeal to us so often and so strongly that they give us no rest. You don’t seem to be troubled in this way and we should like to know your secret. Do temptations bother you? Are you somehow immune to sin? Luther wrote them back saying: “I, too, know something of temptation. But the difference is that when temptation comes knocking at the door of my heart, I always answer. Go away! This place is occupied. Go back to where you came from, for Christ is here.” That Jesus was led to the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil underscores the reality of temptations for all Christians. The devil came to test Jesus through His areas of need. Each time the devil tempted Him, Jesus conquered him with the Word and the authority He carries. Though Jesus’ needs were legitimate, He would not meet them by the devil’s offers. Temptation is a reality for us as believers and we are dully tested by the devil to see how grounded we are in the faith. Each day we face the temptation to meet legitimate needs by ungodly means. Whether we give in or stand our grounds in determined by our knowledge of who we are in Christ. To overcome temptation, you must be born again and maintain intimate relationship with God. Fasting and praying will help you focus on God and hear Him when He speaks

PRAYER LINE:  Lord, help me to remember Your Word to overcome all temptations.


Temptation is not sin, but yielding to it is sin (NBC)

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