TOUGHENING UNDER ADVERSITY                            Psalm 28:1-9

“The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed.” (v8)

A visitor to the Netherlands tells how his guide pointed out a historic site. This is where once the sea broke through, ‘the guide said, ‘and caused untold damage, also bringing about the death of hundreds of people. But see – now the breach has been dealt with in such an effective way that one doubts whether it could happen again. Some Christians, however, when broken by difficult or traumatic circumstances, never seem to recover and remain in a constant state of struggle rather than strength. Why? I think the following illustration might help provide part of the answer.

A writer who lived in India describes how he sat on his veranda one day and noticed a vine that had reached its delicate tendrils up and across a void. Until it had grasped the branch of a pine tree. That night there was a fierce storm. The following morning, the vine had become a poor drooping thing with its sterms hanging downwards because the branch to which it had been clinging had broken in the storm. The vine had fastened upon a rotting branch instead of the strong healthy trunk. There are some Christians who fasten themselves upon something other than Jesus – a denomination, a religious rite, a custom, or even a person. A storm comes and down they go because they fastened on to the culture – surrounding Jesus rather than Jesus Himself. When men and women hold on to the central reality – Jesus – they strengthen rather than sag, under adversity.

PRAYER LINE: Lord Jesus, help me to fasten on to You and not on to the things that are connected with You. For Your own dear name’s sake. Amen (EDWJ)


We can trust God under adversity

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