JACOB AND ESAU RECONCILE.                        Genesis 33:4-11

And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept.” (v4)

The movie, “The Straight Story” chronicles the life of a man in his seventies who took a journey to reconcile with his brother whom he had not spoken to in ten years. He got news that his brother has stroke and, perhaps struck by the reality of never seeing him again, he embarked on a trip to see him. When a pastor asked him what happened between the two of them, in tears, he responded, “The story’s as old as Cain and Abel. Anger, Vanity, Mix that together with liquor, and you’ve got two brothers who haven’t spoken in ten years. What ever it was… doesn’t matter anymore. I want to make peace and sit with him and look up at the stars like we used to do.” Years earlier, Jacob had cheated Esau out of his inheritance and this hurt Esau. However, this didn’t stop him from embracing and accepting Jacob years later. As believers, we are bound to be offended by fellow believers as well as unbelievers. However, it is the desire of God’s heart that we seek ways to reconcile with those who have caused us hurt. It is not always easy, but the peace of mind that comes from a heart free from a heart free from grudge is worth the effort. We have limited time here on earth and we can’t  afford to live it with grudge, which always takes away our peace of mind. God wants us to reconcile with those we have hurt or those who have hurt us, without delay. You may not be the offender, but taking a step to reconcile with anyone you have a grudge against is both pleasing to God and beneficial to you.

PRAYER LINE: Lord Jesus, help me to forgive others as You forgive me.


Seek reconciliation rather than revenge. (NBC)

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