HEALING, BLESSINGS AND FREEDOM                                1 Samuel 15:15-24

He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight. (Psalm 101:7)

Saul was anointed by God to be king. He had a terrible character flaw, that of deceit… Even when he was face-to-face with Samuel the prophet, Saul lied at a time he should have repented. Saul represents that part of all of us that must be overthrown. It is the leadership of Saul in us that must be renounced if we are to go beyond the superficial and fulfill our destiny in the supernatural. God knows who we are. He can deliver us from ourselves, but we must be honest enough to say, This is all You have to work with, God. What can you do with what I have presented? Misrepresentation  will not be tolerated! There must be an open confession that enables God’s grace to be allocated to your need. The house of Saul represents those fleshly areas that we war against. These are areas that hide in religious clothes but do not worship God in honesty – not perfection, just honesty. Saul was perhaps  “more moral” than David, but David was by far “more honest.” Consequently, the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker and the house of David grew stronger and stronger.

“My little children, of whom I travail in birth, again until Christ be formed in you” (Galatians 4:19) Only God knows the process it will take for the Christ who saved you to be formed in you. He is taking each of us to that place where the child begins to bear a greater resemblance of his father. (T.D. Jakes).

PRAYER LINE: Do a deed of simple kindness, Though its end you may not see; It may reach, like widening ripples, Down a long eternity – Norris.


As the blossom can’t tell what becomes of its flagrance, we can’t tell what becomes of our influence.

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