KNOWING WHERE WE STAND                                   Psalm 122:2-3

“Jerusalem is built like a city that is closely compacted together.”

The verses before us help us to understand some of the reasons why this is so. First, worship provides us with the structure we need in order to live life effectively. The psalmist tells us that Jerusalem was a city “closely compacted together.” Jerusalem was an amazingly designed and kept city where everything fitted together harmoniously. No loose stones, no awkward gaps, no unsightly building; it was well built, compact and, in the words of Miles Coverdale ‘at unity with itself.’ It was the place also where all the tribes went up to give the place also where all the tribes went up to give thanks to the Lord. What was true architecturally was also true socially. The tribes coming from different parts of Israel, with all their different accents and local customs, were drawn together in a single entity as they opened their hearts in worship to God. So how do we get the framework, the sense of structure we need to be able to move effectively from one day to another. In a world where everything that seemed to be nailed down is coming apart? What is the coordinating point that pulls together our confused thoughts and feelings as we look out at what at times appears to be the black comedy that we call a civilization? This psalm reveals that it is to be found in our worship to God. When we enter into the presence of the Lord by His grace and love, His unity becomes our unity. Things that were once loose and sloppy become strong and firm. Worship helps us get our heads and hearts together. It helps us know where and how we stand.

PRAYER LINE: Father Lord, I feel so “put together” after I have spent time in worshiping You. I am so deeply, deeply thankful. Amen (EDWJ)


Remembering God’s faithfulness in the past strengthens us for the future.

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