But Joseph said to them, “Fear not, for am I in the place of God? As for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. (vv19-20)

Max Lucado said: “When you are hurt, part of you is broken, and the other part is bitter. Part of you wants to cry, and part of you wants to fight. The tears you cry are hot because they come from your heart, and there is a fire burning in your heart. It’s the fire of anger. It’s blazing. It’s consuming. It’s flames tear up under a steaming pot of revenge. And you are left with a decision. “Do I put the fire out or heal it up? Do I get over it or get even? Do I release it or resent it? Do I let my hurt heal, or do I let hurt turn into hate?” Joseph was a victim of hate and violence done to him by his own brothers. He had a choice to make. He could let his hurt to anger and bitterness and plan a revenge mission for his brothers. He could also take the high way up to forgive and let go of the hurt. Joseph chose the latter. His brothers became afraid he would revenge after their father’s death. Joseph, however, had long forgiven them and he promised to take care of them and their households. Family members have a sacred responsibility of forgiving one another as this will help destroy the root of bitterness. Where unforgiveness thrives, there cannot be peace and love; and without peace, there cannot be progress No matter the gravity of an offence, we should embrace forgiveness, knowing that unforgiveness not only hurts the offender, it also keeps the offended in bondage. God wants you to forgive; let go of the past, so He can take you to His desired destination for your life.

PRAYER LINE: Lord, help me to seek and promote Your peace in and around me  (NBC)


Forgiveness is a practical way of demonstrating God’s graciousness.

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