CONTROL YOUR TONGUE                                                    James 3:1-12

But no human being can tame the tongue–a restless evil, full of deadly poison. (v8)

William Norris, known for using simple rhymes to communicate great messages, once wrote: “If your lips would keep from slips, five things observe with care: To whom you speak: of whom you speak: and how, and when, and where.” James says the tongue is not very big but it has enormous power. Imagine something as little as the tongue setting a whole city on fire. Little wonder James admonishes that we should not be people of too many words. When words are many, offence may not be far away. As a little bridle controls a big horse; and a small rudder controls a big ship so is the tongue capable of controlling whole body. Those who cause division in the church and those who bring unity use one thing – the tongue. A Christian must exercise power over his or her tongue. Great good can be accomplished when you use your tongue to encourage, edify, and enrich others. However, when the tongue is misused to condemn or destroy, it does great damage. James encourages us to refrain from using the same mouth with which we bless, to curse people. Learn to hold your tongue from evil words and let the Holy Spirit use your speech for the glory of God and growth of the kingdom. The wise refrain from unwholesome talks. Let your words today be seasoned with wisdom.

PRAYERS LINE: Lord, help me to refrain from speaking words that do not edify. (NBC)


If you’re a Christian, remember that people judge your Lord by what you do and say.

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